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Determinants of the difference in lobster and seafood cuisine

Cuisine is the different ways of cooking food. Lobster and seafood are both types of food and require cooking. They are both considered delicious by both the locals and those who visit those regions. There are different methods of cooking these foods.

Different people have different cultures. This causes the difference in the taste of these foods once they are served. This is because the purpose of an ingredient is to alter the original taste of food.

This may depend on the geographical location of these areas. The climate of an area determines the crops that grow in that area. Some climate favors the growth of certain ingredients where in some areas they may not grow. This causes the difference in the way of cooking as a person living in a certain area may have that ingredient.

There are many types of religions such as Islamic, Christianity or Buddhism. Some religion outlines the way these foods must be cooked. This is because religion is considered as a source of direction that governs people.

It enables people to get what they do not have. This may be because of the difference in agricultural products. In cooking the locals of these regions can find it easy to buy the ingredient and use it in cooking due to its availability.

This is how someone is used to do a particular thing. Different people have different ways of cooking one meal. If one was taught to use steaming as a method of cooking, they can tend to use it henceforth and may not think of another way of cooking. This makes the food to have different taste due to the different methods used in cooking them.

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Innovators are working day in day out trying to find more safe and effective ways of cooking. It all depends on the economic climate of a country thus the difference. Cooking is one of those areas that technology has invaded such as the invention of a microwave. Lobster and seafood can be cooked by use of a microwave which would not be present in another country due to its low level of technological advancement.

Some are literate, semi-illiterate and others are completely illiterate. This requires one to be literate. This can lead to a difference in taste due to different cooking ways used.

Safety comes from within a person. People have a different aspect on health issues. Some people may prefer a little washing and then proceed with the cooking, while for some people the food must be washed thoroughly. This leads to the general difference in taste.

The taste and preference is another factor. Some people may require the use of a certain ingredients can others may not. Due to the difference in taste and preference, some people prefer certain spices and length of cooking as opposed to others who would be of the contrary opinion.

It all depends on the factors discussed here.

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